"Our mission is to discover, understand and contribute to our knowledge of our landscape and history.""

"Historia magistra vitae et testis emporum"

About Us

Welcome to the South Hams Metal Detecting Club!

We are a group of metal detectorists with a love of history and archaeology of the South Hams in the county of Devon.

The South Hams

The South Hams

Covering a geographical area of approximately 886.5 km², our club is fortunate to cover some of the most historical and beautiful landscapes of Western England. From the fringes of Cornwall to the west, to Dartmoor and across to Torbay to the east, our club has made some fantastic discoveries over the years which has greatly contributed to our knowledge and understanding of our local history.

Click here for an overview of the history of the South Hams.

From prehistoric settlements right through to World War Two, the South Hams landscape has seen several thousand years of constant habitation; making it a vibrant and fruitful area for metal detecting!

All of our members are highly experienced and skilled professional hobbyists with decades of experience and knowledge in this hobby.

The club operates to the strict guidelines of the National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD), and through our affiliation with that organization, each member of the club holds full third party liability insurance of £10,000,000.

Through our Finds Liason Officer, all of our members co-operate fully with the aims of the Portable Antiquities Scheme in the recording of finds made and abide strictly to the terms of the Treasure Act 1996.

The hobby of metal detecting relies on the kindness and good nature of local land owners in allowing us onto their land, and we are always grateful to them.

Members will also provide a free search service to land owners, or indeed any member of the public, in the event of loss of personal metallic objects, as long as the search does not contravene the laws relating to the use of metal detectors.

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